Nope, that's not a typo, you read it right, it's supposed to be INTRApreneur. Intrapreneurship is thinking outside of the box to innovate within an organization, it's basically the same concepts that entrepreneurs take to bring their ideas to life but instead of starting their own company, Intrapreneurs bring their ideas to life within the companies. If there is one thing that we've learned from connecting with so many manufacturers over the past year, it's that there are some incredibly talented individuals in our industry! But more often than not, we encounter stories of, both men and women, who let their idea slip away because they were either too timid to bring it up, were met with resistance and then gave up, or they were not armed with the right skill set to bring that idea to fruition. We're on a mission to help our community bring turn their ideas into profitable realities for their organizations. This conference is the start of a series of professional development workshops aimed at helping you to trust your crazy ideas, get buy in, and successfully manage the development of your business solution tailored to your organization. Who knows, maybe you'll become so good at it that you will take a chance at developing business solutions on your own as an entrepreneur!

Intrapreneurship is thinking outside the box to innovate within an established organization.  Intrapreneurs are the dreamers armed with skills to turn their ideas into profitable business opportunities for their organizations.

Intrapreneurship 2020 - WiM WA Style

Featuring: WiM Washington Board of Directors & Conference Architects Video: A Huge Production Location: ElectroImpact - Everett, WA